Paranormal Providence: A Self-Guided Ghost Investigation of Providence, Rhode Island holds within its pages over 20 locations of the paranormal. Whether you are a tourist in town for the weekend, or a vacationer from another land this book guides you through Paranormal Providence telling you the stories. This book is filled with information that will allow you to see Providence like no-one else.

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 Nashua Haunts

Visit Nashua, NH located just an hour north of Boston and learn the local lore that haunts the area. Visit a haunted country tavern, the Blood Cemetery, and a local strip mall where apparitions have been seen. Come to NH and have a ghost of a time!

Cracking Open- adventures of a reluctant medium

by Isabeau Esby

The twisted roller coaster ride called “opening up psychically” started for me the day my Grandmother died.  That one pivotal moment changed me from a materialistic, business-driven agnostic to someone who doubted reality itself.  I began to wonder if the brain I had relied on for so many years had finally set itself out to pasture.

Talking to the dead isn’t a joy ride. It isn’t a theme park pass to chat with Elvis whenever you want, or a ticket to discover the long lost secrets of Atlantis.  It’s a big responsibility, and a task I now hold dear to my heart.

This book is about what happens when one stumbles onto the spiritual path.  I present this book to you, raw, uncensored, and in detail - all the ups and downs of what it is really like to spend your days among the dead. You will find the hours of frustration and the moments of debilitating fear are also met with times of pure bliss when life unfolds to demonstrate the beauty of human potential. 

This book is not some fictional tale “based on a true story.”  This is my life, and I share it with you.


 Haunted Pubs of New England by Roxie Zwicker

The taverns of colonial New England were gathering places for Revolutionary Patriots, nerve centers for spreading vital news and sanctuaries for outlawed organizations. Perhaps inevitably, certain pubs bore witness to ghastly deeds and sorrowful tragedies. Some of them became tinged with the aura of the supernatural. Through firsthand interviews with dozens of pub owners and employees, author Roxie J. Zwicker has discovered tales of hauntings in which bartenders have their drinks mysteriously upended, waitresses find dining room objects scattered about bizarrely and other staff and patrons catch sudden glimpses of ghostly figures. Read Haunted Pubs of New England to uncover the spine-tingling lore lurking within New England's oldest taverns.


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