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Researchers at Baylor University found 37 percent of those surveyed believed places can be haunted; almost 20 percent believed it is possible to communicate with the dead.

And a Harris Poll notes that 51% of Americans believe in ghosts.



Urban Legend

Unexplained  phenomena

R.I.P. Academy's trained Paranormal Investigators are not only “Ghost Detectives” but are the ones who train paranormal investigators!

Don’t leave it to a part-time ghost hunter wanna-be when you can have a full-time professional who leads the industry.

We are not amateurs who do this part time!

      We are professional Paranormal Investigators and teachers of the craft- we do this full time!

Professional Paranormal Investigators

Reasonable rates

Professional demeanor; discretion as requested

We investigate private residences, businesses, and public venues.

Clearings provided upon request

We provide you with a documented account of the findings.

Call today and have your own professional investigation!


We travel all over the US, Caribbean, and Canada; and we can help YOU!

R.I.P. Academy

Catherine Walker-Golec

Executive Assistant

401-3000-RIP  or 401-256-7045

or email Info@RIPacademy.com





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 RIP Academy members are proud members of ISPI, the International Society of Paranormal Investigators.