Rhode Island Paranormal Academy

The Rhode Island Paranormal (R.I.P.)Academy has been established to train and expose individuals who desire authentic training in paranormal investigation.

 We have developed a unique certification process based off of the years of experience and success of the Academy founders in the field of the paranormal. This experience and success is something we now want to share with you.  Yes there is no authenticating global body for paranormal research certification of investigators; but RIP Academy has developed a program that safely and effectively, based off its high standards, teaches the student skills that others fail to demonstrate or even acknowledge.

From specters to demons, Devas to vampires, come and learn history, lore, and modern day "hunting" techniques- time tested and result proven.

Providing a resource in accurate, authentic research into the paranormal throughout the Northeast, RIP Academy sets a new standard.

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Email: Info@RIPacademy.com

or call at 401-3000-RIP


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