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 The RIPA Method is based off the EECG theory. The above article has been published and is provided for your education.

What: Become a Certified Ghost Technician

 in the "RIPA Method"  upon completion of this three part training.      

401-3000-RIP or  401-256-7045  

Our approach is accumulated from 70 years of combined hands on experience within the paranormal field.  The unique aspect RIP Academy brings is its understanding of psychic and esoteric energy as it is applied to science and current investigational skills within the field.    It is this unique approach that RIP Academy is now making available to the public.

Workshop A- 8/26/11. 6:30pm-10:30pm. 
Workshop B- 8/27/11. 8am-12am.
Workshop C – 8/28/11 9am-1pm
Workshops A and B
Westin Hotel, Suite 301, West Exchange Street, Providence, RI 02903
Workshop C
Location TBA                             

As minimum attendence is required all workshops must be pre-registered in order to ensure the training takes place.        Pre-registration  deadline 11:59pm  8/19/11


Workshop A- Intro to Ghost Hunting: research, tools, protection, definitions, conducting an investigation; your foundation.                                  

Workshop B- Intro to psychic and energetic awareness: perceiving ghosts;etc...                                                                                        

Workshop C– Putting it all together in an actual ghost investigation.                                                                                               

Workshops  are expected to be done consecutively but not necessarily in the same course offering.

Valued competition is a fact of life, and the need for a work force proficient in the principles and practices of quality control is a central concern of many. Certification is a mark of excellence. It demonstrates that the certified individual has the knowledge to assure quality of products and services. Certification is an investment in your career and in the future. R.I.P. Academy is the premiere educator in ghost and paranormal investigation. Training and certification through R.I.P. Academy provides nationally recognized credentials -International Society of Paranormal Investigators.

RIPacademy Certified Ghost Technician
Workshop Registration Form                                      

Enroll now online at

Or use snail mail by completing the form below:

Print this page:

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Make checks payable to: Sohei International.

Mail to: Sohei International, 188 Alabama Ave, Providence, RI   02905           Non-refundable.

Name __________________________________________________ E-mail_____________________________

Address______________________________________________ City _________________________________

State ____________ Zip ________________ Phone (day)_________________________ (eve)__ ___________ __________ ___

I hereby release Rick Wilmott, Chris Bashaw, Sohei International, RIP Academy, and all of their agents or employees from any and all injuries, accidents, and/or losses that may occur as a result of my participation at the above event. Furthermore, I waive any compensation whatsoever for the future use of pictures, movies, media coverage, etc. utilized by those associated with this event at any time.

08/26/11  Workshop A $100  ____       Check

08/27/11  Workshop B  $100     ____       Check

08/28/11 Workshop C  $150      ____       Check

08/26-28/11  Workshops A, B, C  $300  ____       Check

OPTIONAL:  Official Ghost Tech Kit. $219. Paid separately and in full at time of order. Order no later than 8/13/11. Includes case, digitall audio recorder, EMF meter, flashlight, digital thermometer and batteries.  _________  Check

SIGNATURE _____________________________________________ DATE ____________________ TUITION INCLUDED $________________

RIP Academy reserves  the right to deny admission to their trainings for any reason.

Call today to learn of a course near you or how to bring a course to you.          
 PHONE:  401-3000-RIP or 401-256-7045     
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 Ghost Hunter Certification

To be certified means to be endorsed with authority by an institution (RIP Academy) or a person with higher position after one successfully meets certain requirements. Another meaning is that a person is qualified to do a certain job as supported by an official document better known and regarded as a 'certification'.

Those certified by RIP Academy define what paranormal investigation is according to the organization's (RIP Academy) standards and strive to set a new benchmark within the field.

RIP Academy is a subsidary of SOHEI INTERNATIONAL.

 What participants have to say…

“First, I believe finding your ‘teacher’ is within you. Chris and Rick feel the same way. From this class I learned much more than I would have independently. Chris and Rick teach a class that is not only interactive and informative- it’s mind-blowing and fun!
I have told my friends and family about this experience…”

“Chris and Rick are humble and legitimate with extensive experience behind them.  Great guys that I have learned a lot from. They teach, work hard and care about their students.”
                                                                                                                                                      Sandy, Worcester, MA



"The RIP Academy Training was fantastic!

Not only did I learn how to conduct a ghost hunt and what apparatus to use, but more importantly I was taught how to use my own energy and senses to “feel” and “see” ghost’s.  

 The classes are fun and serious all at the same time.

We did some really cool exercises that taught us how to “feel” energy and to distinguish what it is we are feeling.

There were many AHA! and WOW did you feel that? moments in the class!

 Chris and Rick are a wealth of information and they’re real!

 If you’re interested in Ghost Hunting, I strongly recommend RIP Academy.

It’s the REAL THING!

                                                                                                                                                                 Kim, Warwick, RI